Our Vision


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Our Mission


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Our Objective


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faizer-mustapha-minister Hon. Minister
Hon. Faiszer Musthapha
faizer-mustapha-minister State Minister
Hon.R.G.Sriyani Wijewickrama (MP)

kamal Secretary
Mr. Kamal Pathmasiri
1-copy CEO
Mr. Sumith Amarasiri
Who we are?

Local Loans and Development Fund is a Statutory body established under the Local Loans and Development Ordinance No. 22 of 1916 and amended by ordinance Nos. 6 of 1930, 25 of 1931, 43 of 1938, 21 of 1942, At No. 29 of 1949, Law No. 9 of 1974 and Act no. 24 of 1993

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Where we gain funds?

We seek investments on behalf of our own funds and foreign funds for the development of the country through the loans to Local authorities.LL & DF has its’ own funds to meet capital investment need of the Local Authorities.

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Who are the benificiaries?

Municipal Councils

Urban Councils