Being the financial partner for sustainable economic growth is a specific role played by LLDF. Accordingly granting loan facilities for development of public utility of infrastructure facilities are our most attractive loan product category among all Local Authorities in Sri Lanka. If the council has the satisfactory level of recurring income, we are ready to grant the loan under concessionary rate of interest to fulfill essential services in your Local Government Area efficiently and effectively. Currently we have launched a wide range of loan facilities under this category. And, our loan portfolio under this category will provide opportunities to all Local Authorities to grant loan facilities for public utility and infrastructure facilities by blending traditional local government corporate responsibilities with innovation in a timely manner.
Focus Area : Public Utility & Infrastructure Development Projects
Purpose : Contributes to local infrastructure development
Loan Anount : Depend on the project.
Loan Security : Depend on the loan amount
Repayment Period : Maximum repayment period 10 Years
Interest Rate : 6.5% Onwards
Area of Operation : All island
  • Be a Local Authority of Sri Lanka.
  • Should not be a willful defaulter.
  • Have the effective repayment capacity.
  • Be able to make a minimum equity contribution of 20 % out of the project cost