About Us

In the Sri Lankan, local  loans and development fund and local authority play a pivotal role in the quest for sustainable growth and development. And at the helm of the local authorities’ development march toward progress is the of the local loans and Development fund. As the country’s pre-eminent Local authority financial institution, LLDF has taken upon itself the strategic task of influencing and accelerating sustainable economic growth, through the provision of finance resources, for the continued well-being of the Sri Lankan people.

The LL& DF, under its new charter, is classified as a statutory body and may perform lending functions of a development bank.

Its primary objective is to provide local authorities infrastructure development and public utility services principally to cater to the medium and long-term needs of local authority communities with emphasis on local authorities community development needs.

According to the provisions of the ordinance Minister in charge of the subject of local government appoint 13 members to administer the fund and 8 of them are recommended by the Governor of respective provinces. The secretary to the ministry of Local Government is the chairman. In 2016 the composition of the Board has been dramatically changed in order to make the fund more powerful in terms of administration. As a result the Current board is a combination of Local Government Commissioners and Chief Secretaries of respective provinces. Further LLDF believes that maintaining a strongest workforce is a critical success factor for its sustainability and With more than ten decades of committed advocacy as the country’s premier local authority financing institution


LL&DF’s history can be traced back during the Commonwealth when the infrastructure for local authorities and public utility development financing was laid by the National Government. The prime function of LLDF is to meet the capital investment needs of the local authorities namely Muncipal councils, urban councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas totaling 340 nos and it provides finance at a concessionary rate of interest.

The local loans and development fund (LLDF) was created to under the Local Loans and Development Ordinance no 22 of 1916.
In early stages this fund provides loan facilities to any local authorities, state officers & Co-operative societies for any public utility purposes
Amendments have been made by ordinance no 06 of 1930, 25 of 1931, 43 of 1938, 21 of 1942, act no 29 of 1949, Law no 09 of 1974 and act no 24 of 1993. With amendment of law no 09 of 1974 the purposes for loans to be granted have been restricted to local authorities only.
The LLDF run as a separate statutory body and the has functioned as a separate unite of the department of Local Government or the ministry up to year 1994.since 1995 only this institute has commenced operation as a statutory body.
The LLDF has undertaken to recover Rs 2270 millions ADB funded project of urban development law income housing projects ( UDLIHP) and Rs 4500. Millions of Local government infrastructure improvement project ( LGIIP)


To be a leading financial institution for Local Level Infrastructure Financing


Provision of Loan requirements at a concessionary rate of interest to any Local Authorities in the country for the purpose of any work of public utility such Local Authority may be authorized by law to undertake. (Granting of Loans restricted only to Local Authorities)


To become an autonomous and sustainable Financial Institution providing long term financing for basic infrastructure services and to contribute to the social and economic development of the country


Funds were provided by the Treasury in the form of a long term loan at a concessionary rate of interest until year 2009. With the commencement of loans recovered under ADB Loan (No.1632 SRI (SF) and ADB Loan (No.2201 SRI (SF)), revolving facilities of funds are available for the purpose of granting of loans.